Measuring Up Podcast

Measuring Up Podcast

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Episode 020: SketchUp, Fusion 360 and Amazon Reviews
December 31, 2018

Welcome to the last show of Season 2! We're chatting about all sorts today. Andy finally has a new phone so we're chatting a bit about tech. Are Amazon reviews broken? We hear about review scams encountered in the run-up to Christmas.

Episode 019: We’re Not Ready. Merry Christmas 2018!
December 24, 2018

It's Christmas Eve 2018 and the penultimate episode of this season! Peter's had to cut MDF himself like some sort of animal and has even made some proper joints in actual wood. In the run-up to Christmas it's all hands on deck to get customer jobs fini...

Episode 018: Hoarding, MDF & Packaging Projects
December 10, 2018

Hoarding often goes hand-in-hand with woodworking - whether it's tools or materials it's just part of the job. Today we're having a bit of a chat about the implications of hoarding. We also discuss MDF and are asking the question,

Episode 017: Brexit Clickbait… and Joinery Apprenticeships
November 26, 2018

We've had quite a bit of follow-up about the state of joinery education and apprenticeships... and we're not much further forward. Keep the comments coming and we'll get to the bottom of this! There's a new 'Contact' link on the web site.

Episode 016: More Space or More Time?
November 12, 2018

Whole mix of joinery stuff on today's show! We've got a bit of follow-up on the joinery education discussion and sadly no follow-up on the women in construction side. We're also chatting about slippy glue joints, clamps, lack of space vs lack of time,

Episode 015: Joinery Education and Women in Construction
October 29, 2018

We're delving in to two BIG topics today. We often get asked about the importance of being a qualified or 'time served' carpenter so we're chatting about the current state of woodworking education in the UK in 2018.

Episode 014: Cheap Tools vs Pro Tools – Tool Vanity?
October 15, 2018

We're talking about a whole load of little topics today. From buying larger tools and the pros and cons of going second hand, through to cheap tools vs expensive tools and how that impacts your business image. We also chat about air tools,

Episode 013: Business Web Site, Tax & Record Keeping
October 01, 2018

Today we're talking about the importance of having a business web site and why it should be the hub of your business. We're also chatting about the dreaded business admin - from tax and accounts through to a very brief overview of our own business stru...

Episode 012: Analysis Paralysis and What To Do With Trade Waste?
September 17, 2018

In today's show we're chatting about where to start on bigger carpentry jobs and overcoming analysis paralysis. We discuss waiting lists, typical joinery enquiries and doing work for the rich and famous. We're also discussing trade waste from a joinery...

Episode 011: We’re back! Upping Your Game and Don’t Read the Comments!
September 03, 2018

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Measuring Up Podcast! We've had a scorchingly hot summer here in the UK, which makes a nice change. Andy talks about his adventures in London and Peter has been upgrading his tech.