Good day and welcome to this episode of the MedicCast TV weekly commentary. I’m your host, Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and this week I have another special app review episode for you.
AED and CPR Apps for iOS
( a CPR instructor, I'm always looking for tools to use in my classes for both the community and for healthcare professionals. This week I want to show you an iPad app that provides you a CPR AED Trainer that has many features instructors like me love to see. The AED Trainer from Ivor Medical is not just an AED training app, it is part of a complete instructional system. But more on that later.

When you start up the app, you see an AED closed and ready to deploy. Touch the screen and the AED lid opens revealing the pads and AED controls. Students push the on button and the AED begins to speak the instructions to the user just like a real AED beginning with orders to call for help and then to attach pads to the patient's chest.
Very Realistic Training Experience
Now here comes the cool part. You touch the pads inside the lid and a screen pops in that allows you to drag the pads to a "virtual patient" and place them appropriately. Once they are properly placed, the AED instructs the student to "not touch the patient" while it analyzes heart rhythm.

The trainer is up to date with the 2010 guidelines and is completely programable via the settings button in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. Instructors can program the app to run scenarios where the rhythm is shockable or not shockable through up to 8 cycles of CPR. They can also let the trainer select a random series of shocks or no shocks. The Info button in the upper right corner provides full instructions and also a series of videos for on AED use and CPR.
Companion iPhone AED Remote Control App
( said earlier that this program is part of an instructional system. What I meant by that is while you can use the AED Trainer as a stand-alone app, there is also a companion iPhone app that allows an instructor to control the AED Trainer remotely from their phone. This gives the instructor that much more control over the educational experience, allowing customization of a scenario on the fly.

Overall this app and it's companion iPhone remote app are the total solution for AED education in CPR classes, recertification and ongoing drills and training.

The AED Trainer by Ivor Medical ( is currently priced at $4.99. The companion iPhone AED Remote app is priced at $2.99.

I’m Jamie Davis, the Podmedic. That’s the app review for this month. Stay tuned here at ( for all of the weekly commentary segments as well as the regular MedicCast episode studio video and please remember, Scene Safety, BSI.


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