How We Manage Stuff

How We Manage Stuff

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Squirrel Dog
August 06, 2019

You’d think they’d be on the same side. Wouldn’t that be obvious? But the CTO has arrived in Washington and things that he should be the center, the center of attention.   But that was never the plan. And not only will he have to convince his boss,

A Pillar of Fire By Day
July 22, 2019

There’s a reason.  A senatorial aide who seems inept at social media? There’s a reason.  A trade association director who seems to be speaking in tongues? There’s a reason.   An administrative assistant who has a little too much data about you,

The Kind of Mess
July 08, 2019

Does this happen to you? Your Uber Driver knows more than you’re client? It’s embarrassing, yes? Big Tech spends millions, hundreds of millions, of dollars in Washington and what do they get for their money?   A service.   Nothing more. A service.

A Tongue Lashing
June 25, 2019

Speed.  Disruption.  Innovation.   Not Duty.  Not Deliberation.   Not Honor.  Tech let us reordered our virtues.   Policy, if taken thoughtfully, makes us examine that reordering.   It may not solve anything but it makes us wonder if we’re doing things...

A Busy Day
June 10, 2019

Money isn’t everyone  Ideas are surprisingly important But people carry the ideas. And promote the ideas. And analyze, and dispute, and contradict, and accep,t and reject, and all the rest of the things that you do with ideas. In the process,

Past is Prologue
May 27, 2019

Only rarely do you see the big picture.   Most of the time, it is a nightmare.   15,000 people.  Running through the tunnel that lie beneath the US Capitol.  The share information, cut deals, plan strategies,

How Not to [Suck] at Consulting: Epilogue
May 07, 2019

The end. It’s never quite what you expect. In part, it’s really a beginning, though the beginning may not include you. So we get only a hint of how the story will progress.  A family has been reconciled.  One troublesome employee has moved to the compe...

How Not To [Suck] At Consulting: Act 3
April 22, 2019

A bad decision. A confrontational meeting. Perhaps the worst first date ever, though one participant (and perhaps both) will deny that it was, is, or should ever be considered a date. A niece coming from a conference on Electronic Dance Music.

How Not to [Suck] at Consulting: Act 2
April 10, 2019

Can things be going well when you have to schedule a meeting with your attorney and her baby? The team is gathering data, observing the client, makings and learning that there are a lot of things that it doesn’t know. For example,

How Not to [Suck] at Consulting: Act I
April 02, 2019

We arrive in Hamburg. Port City.  International City. World Headquarters of Coffee Logistics. Things start poorly for the team.  They are tired.  One of there number is perhaps a little drunk.  There are some extra requirements and a dynamic that doesn...