David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products, defines what a leader is and the responsibilities that come with being a leader.

Leaders must lead every day, not just some days. No matter what the task, or team, being a leader requires being engaged, having mutual respect, humility, and making sure things happen.

David reviews 5 characteristics of a leader:
1. Leaders don't get to have bad days. Leaders set the standard for behavior and mood.
2. Leaders must define teams and goals. Teams are linked together with a common purpose. And Leaders must define who is part of the process and be clear as to the general purpose of the daily goal
3. Expectations. As a leader you are expected to remind your team of the company's mission, values and dealines. Keep your team focused.
4. Leaders ask questions and listen. Successful leaders seek consultation all the time - "consultation on all things". Speak to all employees, and listen to their perspective. Employees bring insight to the table.
5. Leaders should be on time. It is rude to be late because it implies your time is more valuable than anyone else's.

Invest the time and development of your staff, leadership means being an enabler of talent and team work.