Magical Medical Tour | Audio

Magical Medical Tour | Audio

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164: Don’t Die
December 12, 2017

Join is in a conversation with Arsen S. Marsoobian, CLU/AKA “Papa Soob” He is an author off multiple books and a motivational speaker. Because of his energetic outlook on life, he has earned the title “Ageless Attitude Ambassador” We will learn how sig...

163: Living With Dying. A Caregiver’s Guide
November 08, 2017

Join us in a conversation with Katie Ortlip, RN, LCSW and Jahnna Beecham. We will discuss their new book: Living With Dying, a Complete Guide for Caregivers. We will find out the motivation for the book and how it has influenced their personal lives. -

October 17, 2017

Join us in a conversation with James Lake MD, an integrative, holistic Psychiatrist, as we explore the many aspects of ANXIETY. Dr. Lake has served as a clinical assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at Stanford.

161: Connective Tissue: Order and Disorder
August 08, 2017

Join us in a conversation with Katy Fox, CYT. A Hatha Yoga practitioner and instructor. She teaches Embodied Anatomy and focuses on multiple contemporary movement disciplines. We will follow her journey of healing her own clinical issues and teaching t...

92: “There Is No Path, You Make the Path By Walking”
August 02, 2017

This quote attributed to Antonio Machado, sums up everything that I want to share in this world. The direction that you choose to stride into, creates your life’s dimensions as you go. One step leads to the next,

160: Mobilizing Your Healing Power
July 25, 2017

Join us in a conversation with James Kwako, MD, family physician, integrative medicine practitioner, Instructor at the Center for Lifelong learning and author. He has served on the boards of the American Holistic Association and the International Assoc...

159: The Wellness Coach
July 11, 2017

Join us in a conversation with Margaret Moore, MBA. She is a social entrepreneur, author, lecturer, inventor and the founder and CEO of WellCoaches Corp. We will discuss the role of a Wellness coach and how you can help yourself to stretch your mind. -

158: Music and Your Health
July 04, 2017

Join us in a conversation with Terry Wollman, Producer/Guitarist/Composer and Host of “Making It with Terry Wollman”, and my cousin. We will explore how music may effect physical and mental health and healing? Does playing an instrument help with memory?

157: Hope Beyond Illness
June 12, 2017

Join is in a conversation with Shulamit Lando, a body-mind psychotherapist, Bereavement Counselor, Trauma Specialist, Medical Coach and Author. We will follow her journey from health through a diagnosis of a devastating chronic illness and back to reco...

156: Slow Counseling & Healing Relationships
March 07, 2017

Join us in a conversation with David Tresemer, PhD (Episode#126 The Counselor) and Lila Tresemer, a group facilitator, author and trans-denominational minister. We will discuss their newest book, “Slow Counseling”,