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Jeff Younger Update – Episode 30
August 21, 2019

This week we give a quick update on Jeff Younger, the father of the 6-year-old boy’s who being transitioned to be a woman by his delusional mother. We also talk about Allen West, CPS’s tyrannical behavior and Dustin Burrows resignation.

Interview with Hannah Overton (Paul Hastings of Compelled Interview) – Episode 29
August 12, 2019

  This week I am in Estes Park, Colorado enjoying some much-needed vacation time with my family. I wanted to share with you a conversation who my good friend Paul Hastings published on his podcast, Compelled.

Evil Exists And Politics Isn’t A Game – Episode 28
August 05, 2019

What happened in El Paso was an absolute travesty but I hope it wasn’t a “wake up call”. Evil existence shouldn’t be something we are just not waking up to. It’s something that exists within the hearts and man and the answer that explain this travesty ...

Interview with Daniel Friend of the Texan – Episode 27
July 30, 2019

This week we interviewed Daniel Friend, a reporter at The Texan. Daniel has been following the controversial CPS case with the Pardo family and he brought us significant insight into where the story is at and where it’s going.

Texas City Caves to Pro-Abortion Activists and an Update on Wendy Davis – Episode 26
July 22, 2019

A lot is happening in Texas politics. Wendy Davis has launched her campaign against Conservative champion Chip Roy, Democrat State Senator Royce West is running against John Cornyn, a Texas city has caved to pro-abortion activists and CPS is still unde...

Interview with Mark P. Jones – Episode 25
July 15, 2019

Mark Jones is the most respected political science professor in Texas. I was grateful for his willingness to come on the podcast this week and discuss with us his background, what brought him to Texas, and how he sees the current climate of the Lonesta...

How to Find Local Conservative Candidates – Episode 24
July 08, 2019

On Today’s podcast we take a few minutes to remind you how influential normal conservatives area in recruiting and finding top conservative candidates to run for office.   We also talk about the vision and message that Democrats are giving to voters,

The Election By the Numbers – Episode 23
July 01, 2019

This week we have the privilege of sitting down with Derek Ryan, one of the top data guru’s in Republican politics in Texas. This conversation gets a little geeky, just know that going in. Derek gives us an overview of overall trends in Texas,

Border Surge, County Battles, and Iran – Episode 22
June 24, 2019

Governor Abbott is sending 1,000 national guard troops to the border. We have over 100,000 illegal immigrants being apprehended a month right now. Texas kept taxpayer subsidies to illegal in place, and Democrats in D.C.

David Gibbs III with Paul Hastings of Compelled – Episode 21
June 17, 2019

All life is precious. Terri Schiavo was caught up in a legal battle that began when I was born in 1990, and ended in 2005.   Many of you will remember this case, but the conversation we share with your today is an in depth overview of the case with her...