Key Takeaways:


- The core skills are accessible; the key to success is who you become.

- If you have the right values and ideas in place, anything is possible.

- Find someone that has what you want or is who you want to be and look to emulate them.

- The first thing to consider is what you want your journey to look like.

- Look for properties that are undervalued.

- When a listing is new, the vendor is optimistic.  The best deals on MLS are old.

- The most basic advertising works the best to find off market deals.

- How to screen leads from private sellers...DON'T!  See as many houses as you can.

- What's going to make you money and what could potentially cost you money.

- Chase the comps to provide the same thing they are.

- Use staging to tell a story and counter any objections the buyer may have.


Ryan Zeman is a real estate entrepreneur who purchased his first investment property more than 10-years ago while living in Ontario. In the past year, Ryan has enrolled in the Stefan Aarnio Gold Level Program to develop both the knowledge and confidence to pursue buy-fix-sell properties as a full-time endeavor.


Currently residing in Edmonton Alberta, Ryan is excited to create a team of professionals that share his vision of “turning houses into homes,” while providing both secure and exciting returns for his capital investors.


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