Key Takeaways:

– Educating yourself, improve your knowledge and be with like minded people.
– You need knowledge, connections and money… a mentor can help you.
– If you want to go from here to where you want to be, find someone that has been there.
– If you think it is expensive, try ignorance.
– It’s about mindset, you can change your life….Make a decision.
– How to get your spouse on board with real estate investing.
– Have the professionals you need to help you close the sale, don’t do it yourself.
– Whatever you do on a regular basis will produce your results, good or bad.
– Why your goals need to be specific.
– How to get things done and avoid procrastination.


About Cora Cristobal:

I started in real estate investing and continued for many years without a mentor and coach and I thought I was doing things right. Then few years ago, I went to the launching of a new real estate club and met my soon to be mentor. After getting a mentor, what I have learned and accomplished are phenomenal and happened in such a short time. It also opens a wide door of opportunities and expands my associations. What have I concluded?

Had I known what a mentor means in life and business, I would have gotten a mentor, long time ago. This is now my mission in life – be a coach and a mentor and help you build your wealth through real estate and accelerate your success as a real estate investor and have more power and freedom! You can have a short-cut to success and happiness, if you have the right mentor for you. I am happy to coach or mentor you and be a part of your success. If you need my help, please contact ph 647-309-0882 or email