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Living OUT Podcast

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Writing a New Narrative. The Power of Story to Save Humanity – LOP098
August 15, 2019

Live OUT your unique identity to create an LGBTQ leadership that makes a difference in the world. Recently I listened to The TED Interview, Yuval Noah Harari reveals the real dangers ahead in which Harari explains why it might feel like there’s no f...

My Interview on Gay Radio Show, Rainbow Country – LOP097
August 08, 2019

Mark Tara is an LGBT Content Creator, Recording Artist, and the Creator & Host of the Gay radio show, Rainbow Country

If There Is No Binary, Where Does Gender Exist? LOP096
August 01, 2019

How the gender binary limits critical thinking. Earlier this week I was quickly browsing my Facebook feed and read a post that was purposefully provocative and included a text meme of the following: “There are only two genders.” – Science

To Make a Difference in the World You Must Live Out Without Apology – LOP095
July 25, 2019

Have you ever felt like you left the best parts of who you are in the closet? Think about that question for a moment. When we come out of the closet as LGBTQ people, most often we experience coming out several times (each time we have to reveal who...

How to Think Critically, and for Yourself, in the Information Age – LOP094
July 18, 2019

Social Media Constricts Communication and Activates the Fight Response. Recently, someone I follow and highly respect on Facebook, whose training programs I have paid to take part in, posted praise for an author and so-called intellectual for whom I...

The Prejudice of PrEP: You’re Fucked if You Don’t Bareback – LOP093
July 11, 2019

Bareback Privilege and the Demise of Risk-Aversion There's a new kind of gay male sexual privilege, one that’s entering dangerous areas of health, disease control, and prejudice: gay men who are on PrEP and only have bareback sex.

Pride As a Celebration Is De Facto a Protest, But… LOP092
July 04, 2019

If there was no prejudice against LGBTQ people, we wouldn’t need to hold Pride parades all over the world during Pride month in June. We would be part of every day “straight pride”, which is the freedom to walk out and about without ever having the...

Deconstructing the Myth of Stonewall and its Influence on Mainstream Society – LOP091
June 19, 2019

A Living OUT Leadership Interview with Jeff Iovannone and Ken Gault In this special "Pride" episode, we discuss the “Stonewall origin myth” and why the mainstream assumption that “gay liberation” started with Stonewall is both problematic and harmfu...

These Two Simple Words Will Make Your New Habits Stick – LOP090
June 12, 2019

Why Saying “I Can’t” or “No” Won’t Help Change Your Behaviour Some time ago I was following up with a coaching client about his challenge of saying “Yes” to too many opportunities. He was getting bogged down in commitments which were distracting fro...

The Participation of Uniformed Police at Toronto Pride in 2019 – LOP089
June 05, 2019

Why Black Lives Matters was right: Uniformed Police have no place at Pride. Imagine watching the Pride Parade on a gorgeous, sunny, summer day in Toronto, 2016. You’re smiling, laughing, and feeling part of something bigger than yourself,