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Man, I remember it as if it were yesterday. I found out about this new social network that was quickly on the rise. I went to my wife to show her it because it seemed like something she would like.

And her response was something like – “Oh Pinterest? I LOVE Pinterest!

WHAT? My wife knew about a social network before I did? What was this world coming to? I’m the “Online Guy”. I tell her about social networks and she takes a while to come on board.

Our relationship was entering a new, weird space. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal, but you get the point.

Pinterest is a very fascinating phenomena. As one of the FASTEST GROWING social networks, it’s a serious force to be reckoned with. It’s so serious that I’ve found myself curious as to how to best use Pinterest to expand what I’m doing here at Become A Blogger.

So, if their somethings strange, in the Pinterest hood. Who you gonna call? CYNTHIA SANCHEZ (modified ghost busters theme song – p.s. if you knew what this was, that’s an indication that you’re getting old).

Since I first time I met Cynthia at Blog World in New York, there was one thing that was GLARINGLY obvious – Cynthia Loves (and knows) Pinterest. From her blog, Oh So Pinteresting, she shares that passion with the world, educating people on how to effectively use Pinterest.

In this interview, Cynthia talks about:

  • How she got into this whole Pinterest thing

  • Making the tough decision to leave her stable job as an Oncology nurse to focus on her online business

  • The Challenges she faced while building her blog

  • How Blogging lead to some AWESOME Opportunities

  • What Bloggers need to do to be AWESOME on Pinterest (Step By Step)

  • How to grow a following on Pinterest

  • How to Make Money With Pinterest

So, if you’ve heard of this Pinterest thing and want to know how YOU can best use it for your blog, business, or whatever else you’re into, make sure to check out this interview. You’re gonna love it.

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