LaserDisco: Movie Podcast

LaserDisco: Movie Podcast

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Episode 6: The Open House
January 23, 2018

This week we watched The Open House so you don't have to!

Episode 5: Cobra Kaiju
January 09, 2018

Happy New Year LaserCats and welcome back to the LaserDisco: Movie Podcast! After taking some time off for the holidays, we bring you Episode 5: ...

Episode 4: A Die Hard Christmas (Recastaball)
December 19, 2017

Merry Christmas, ya' filthy animals!

Episode 3: The Star War On Christmas
December 12, 2017

"One million dollars for this...This is an abomination. Its sole existence is to ruin your Christmas." -Duff

Episode 2: Clerkin’ Off
December 05, 2017

Duff and Shampu breakdown the '94 Kevin Smith classic, Clerks!

Episode 1: Jaws & Effect
November 28, 2017

Welcome to the LaserDisco: Movie Podcast Episode 1: Jaws Effect!! Months of effort and planning have finally paid off as Duff and Shampu begin ...