Keeping Democracy Alive with Burt Cohen

Keeping Democracy Alive with Burt Cohen

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Concentration Camps-Never Again!//Red Summer 100 Years Ago
August 15, 2019

Did you ever imagine we would have actual concentration camps in America? What would you have done in Germany in the 1930s? Never Again means never again. On the first half, Sara Caplan talks about the new grassroots movement called

Woodrow Wilson And Trump: Fanning the Flames of Hate
August 13, 2019

Trump is not the first. Author of many history books Adam Hochschild writes: “The last time we had anything similar from Washington was almost exactly 100 years ago and it, too, involved a flood of angry rhetoric and a fear

The New EuroFascism//Slavery Ended Had Brits Won 1776?
August 08, 2019

On the first half of the podcast, from Barcelona Spain, professor of political philosophy and journalist Santiago Zabala reports on the rise of the new European nationalistic fascism. He answers these questions: What is it? Why is it happening? How

Fault Lines In the Constitution: Unseen Until Too Late?
August 06, 2019

It’s not perfect. Much as we’d prefer to see the 1787 Constitution as a rock solid always-dependable foundation, our guests argue there are fault lines that we can not see but are always there. In their new book Fault Lines

Recreating a Democratic Economy: Our Founders Vision
August 01, 2019

If America’s founders saw where we are today,thy might have thought King George won the war. Instead of democratic control over the common good, a government of by and for the people, today it’s an 18th century style oligarchy. In

“Go Home” Rhetoric is as American as Immigration Itself
July 25, 2019

It’s a long and oscillating history: America welcoming immigrants and telling them to go home. As Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher explains, it didn’t start with Trump: “there’s a long history of rejecting “different” Americans:” Eastern Europ...

Are Most Americans Unpatriotic?
July 23, 2019

If we criticize Trump, we don’t love America. If we learn history, we are disloyal. You know that’s what a lot of people on the right (in larger numbers than we’d imagined) are claiming. But what is Patriotism? Does the

Erasing Unsettling Truth: The San Francisco Mural Controversy
July 18, 2019

Safe comfortable myth is so soothing, but art, by its nature, is often about challenging the viewer. You may have heard of the controversy about large Depression-era murals on the walls of San Francisco’s George Washington High School. After 80

The Brave Freedom of Satire: Mad Magazine’s Crucial Legacy
July 16, 2019

Gleefully ferreting out deception and laughing at it. An overall spirit of irreverence arising out of the rigid white-bread conformity of the 1950s, Mad Magazine has published its last all-new edition. Today we talk with national affairs correspondent ...

Supreme Court Whittles Away Democracy
July 09, 2019

President Reagan’s former solicitor general and Harvard law professor Charles Fried calls it a “Day of Sorrow for American Democracy:” the day the US Supreme Court issued its 5 to 4 decision abandoning protection of one person one vote. In