The Land O'Lakers podcast has returned!

Pardon our dust -- we're still learning our way around the whole self-production thing -- but we're again up and running, and in this episode, after a brief illustration of our newfound editorial liberties, address the following:

  • The Lakers are 11-5 since the big team meeting in Memphis. But how well are they actually playing? Does the positive record mean they have, to use a favorite expression of Mike D'Antoni, turned a corner? For real, this time?

  • With 24 games to play, the Lakers have three games to make up on Houston, 3.5 on Utah. Can they do it? Will they? What reasons should fans have to feel positively? (Note: The show was recorded Wednesday afternoon, before both the Rockets and Jazz lost that night. As of Thursday morning, the Lakers are now 2.5 and 3.0 games behind Houston and Utah, respectively.)

  • Facebook Mailbag: Does D'Antoni use his bench properly? Would the Lakers be better off facing Oklahoma City or San Antonio in the first round, if they make it to the postseason?

  • Finally, the poetry of Metta World Peace.