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Liff Is Somewhere Hollerin'
August 16, 2019

This week, the guys are full throttle with un-frostbitten feet and brand new helmets as they talk about Antonio Brown and the Raiders on Hard Knocks. Then, did Dak Prescott just get greedy? And did the entire NCAA lose a battle against one college dropou.

Fred Taylor’s Potential
August 08, 2019

The guys are back at full strength this week. While preseason football is still hard to endure, the speeches and talent inducted into the Hall of Fame were outstanding. Then, with fantasy football around the corner, the young bucks get a history lesson o.

Netflix Vs Sleep
August 03, 2019

This week, Hannah joins us to talk about NFL training camp and who to look out for and who to be weary of in our teams’ training camps. Then Kevin explains how Netflix’s goal is control. Then we get into what has been an incredible summer of music. All t.

Sick of The Haters
July 28, 2019

This week, the guys talk about the most valuable franchises in the world of sports and some skill position players making headlines. All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website. Music provided by TRUTH.

Anything But Iron Cross
July 19, 2019

This week, the next-man-up is in full effect, with our special guest Uncle Tony! The guys talk a controversial call during the World Series of Poker, football players and their Madden ratings, Taylor Swift, and the Lion King. All that and more, this week.

Poutine, Charcuterie, and Pu Pu Platters
July 03, 2019

This week, the guys do a little breakdown on NBA free agency (although you can hear more on the bonus episode we just released!) and then try to understand just what exactly is L.J.’s problem. Then look out for the fireworks as the guys talk about the mu.

NBA Free Agency Special
July 01, 2019

This we week we have a special 2 episode week of the JPP Pod! First, Kevin sits down with the Host of the Positionless podcast, Oliver Maroney, for a special edition NBA Free Agency Pod. Oliver and Kevin discuss everything from Kevin Durant's decision to.

Both Rays Fans Will Be Okay
June 27, 2019

This week, the guys bring on their good friend J-Money to talk about the NBA draft (and subsequent free agency news), the New York Daily News waiting on an e-vite, Le’Veon Bell living his best life, the Rays debating alienating two cities instead of just.

Selling the Entire Future
June 20, 2019

The Raptors are your NBA Champions and the Warriors have a long road back from this heartache (0:35). Then the Lakers quickly made the whole world talk about them instead with a huge trade, causing Kevin in particular to feel a little sour (9:35). The ne.

Next Level Superstars’ Superstars
June 13, 2019

The OMAHOGS are back baby! (0:35) After a little discussion on the NCAA Baseball World Series, the guys hop into game 5 between the Warriors and Raptors (4:21). Then the injury everyone is talking about (30:20), how it was handled, and will it affect fre.