We're releasing this week's episode early, because the game has changed. After weighing the concern over too much politics talk, Alan, Mike and Matt discuss the merger of Chosen Yisrael with Yesh Atid. The new Blue and White party is now polling ahead of Likud. Until last week, Likud was supposed to have an easy electoral victory, but that's now over with. But even if they win, can Blue and White manage to gather over 60 seats to form a coalition? For that matter, can Likud? In a race where everything is changing, there's a lot to unpack.

Plus, the guys still haven't gotten over their frustration over the Bibi brokered deal to help racist politicians get into the Knesset. Should all political opinions be tolerated? Is politics the realm where any compromise can been made for power? Or are there any moral red lines that shouldn't be crossed? (spoiler alert: there are absolutely moral red lines that shouldn't be crossed)

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This episode was recorded at the amazing Ben Wallick Studios. Ben is the best! So great to have him back!

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