My guest this week asks us to consider that perhaps our journals are not really private. Maybe the pages we write are a collaboration with a universal spirit, a co-author in our life experience.
Join me in an open-minded dialogue with Maryann Patalano, a religious science practitioner and author of the book, Journal Like God, as we explore the mindset and possibility that we aren’t just venting into our journal-writing, but we are actively and continuously creating.
Maryann shares an interesting perspective on prayer, and offers some creative co-creating exercises we can use to help us focus our attention and manifest the things we wish to experience more of.
Exclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners:  In this episode, Maryann explains a powerful journal-writing exercise — a method of affirmation through prayer, and has generously offered this free download as a worksheet to creating your own. (JournalTalk, Episode #79, July 19, 2016)
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