Funny to Informing

Funny to Informing

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93. Ross McCoy
May 30, 2019

John and Coleman chat with comedian/podcaster Ross McCoy! There were a range of topics from his early days in comedy and radio to what he’s doing now in regards to both. He recently started a podcast “The Orlando Talk Show (TOTS)” that everyone should ...

92. Making Sausage with Butchered Bacon & Cold Showers
May 24, 2019

John and Coleman are metaphor crazy in this one, comparing things to sausage/bacon. John is dealing with more obstacles being outside a lot more, for example, a lot of bug bites! Coleman updates us on Orlando City Soccer, and get this, they won!

91. We Just Don’t Get It
May 15, 2019

John and Coleman find themselves saying the phrases “I don’t get it” or “I don’t understand” a lot in this one. John’s luck has been turning around, the sun has been burning him, and his phone is getting crappier.

90. Table for Twenty & Smashed Knees
May 08, 2019

John and Coleman are back at it and have quite a few stories to tell. John swallows glass and attends the Orlando City Lions soccer game, and Coleman went to the 3rd Fish Fry. With Cinco De Mayo this past week, the debauchery was increased.

Bonus #8 – UPull&Pay : Parts and Puke
May 02, 2019

John, Coleman, and Rocky get together for their 8th bonus episode! John talks about a car issue he had, Rocky explains why he has been dyeing his hair all the colors, and a chug challenge is introduced between Coleman and Rocky. Be warned,

89. Tony’s Tangent Train
April 24, 2019

This episode John and Coleman have a riot of a time with comedian Tony Barrett (Nos)! Between his voices and improv skills, the jokes were flying. We play two games throughout, as well as ask Tony B some questions about his personal life versus his on-...

88. Perkins Poison
April 18, 2019

They’re back, although late. Coleman has a new gig for a new podcast and John did the episode with a painful tooth infection. They both catch up, and then discuss video games in terms of where they’re at in this generation.

Backyard Sessions 14 – Entering the Black Hole / Rick & Ant
April 12, 2019

Rocky and John are joined with the “Entering the Black Hole” Podcast by Rick and Anthony. Fair warning, we get a little rambunctious! We talk about how ETBH got started, as well as, what they are doing now with their most recent hot sauce challenges.

87. Mortar Missile Beers & Email for the Win
April 09, 2019

John and Coleman are joined with….no guest! Between telling stories, to recent things in the headlines from the past week, there were a lot of topics hit. Coleman got a new tattoo, John binged the Umbrella Academy on Netflix,

86. Lost and Found of Voices & Interview with David Batten
April 03, 2019

This episode John and Coleman interview David Batten from Liberty Health Sciences during the middle portion, or the meat of the show if you will! They were also joined by Rocky from “What’s the Fuss?” podcast,