Getting as close to the subject as she can is the way Maura Judkis likes to approach a story. She has spent her short career rising through the ranks of Washington publications with a goal of covering art and culture in the city. Now, she's at the Washington Post's Going Out Guide, a division of the entertainment section that previews what's going on in the city.

The weekend section is meant to thrive as an online and mobile resource, offering a handy navigation breakdown for users who want to get right to information on weekend events in music, theater, bars and clubs and museums around town. Judkis contributes to the GOG blog, the dining guide, the 'Go Out Lists' and the weekly live chats.

Judkis sat down with It's All Journalism producers Megan Cloherty and Michael O'Connell to talk about covering the arts scene in D.C., including the growing foodie culture and the 2013 Inaugural Balls.