Well it’s been a month since we last recorded the podcast. Notre Dame STILL hasn’t played their bowl game. Can Monday get here any quicker? It feels like forever ago that Notre Dame wrapped up their 12-0 regular season at USC. Monday night, the Irish will take on the champs of the SEC the Crimson Tide of Alabama. The Irish who are ranked higher and have one less loss than Bama surprisingly are 10 point underdogs in this game. I remember the last time that Notre Dame were double digit dogs, against Oklahoma. Remember what happened? Brian Kelly is looking to add his name to Notre Dame lore as another head coach who won a National Championship in his third season like the many Irish greats before him. GO IRISH!!!

In this week’s show:

pThe 2012 Bowl Season/p
pNotre Dame 2012 – a look back/p
pShoutouts/Announcements – check out these sweet videos that Kevin’s brother, Keith, produced and has on his Youtube page. a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/kdwerne/videos" target="_blank"CLICK HERE/a/p
pAlabama played who?/p
pBold Predictions/p
pScore Predictions/p
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