This week we talk about one of Trish's favourite subjects, SHARKS! Specifically those that have terrified us in the movies and on television. Jaws terrified and kicked off the summer blockbuster but also created a horror subgenre of it's own, that of the killer shark, and the recent sharksploitation explosion that gave us The Asylum and it's Sharnado franchise. We talk about 3-headed sharks, snow sharks, dinosaur sharks, sand sharks, ghost sharks, zombie sharks and every insane idea we could find and come up with a few ideas of our own. Also hear some of our true life shark tales on this very toothy episode of Invasion of the Remake. No shark cage required. Support independent podcasts like ours by telling your friends and family how to find us at places like iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Tune In Radio, Audioboom, BluBrry, Libsyn, YouTube and all the best podcast providers. Spread the love! Like, share and subscribe! You can also help out the show with a positive review and a 5-star rating over on iTunes. We want to hear from you and your opinions will help shape the future of the show. Your ratings and reviews also help others find the show. There "earballs" will thank you. Follow us on Twitter: @InvasionRemake Like and share us on Facebook: Invasion of the Remake Email us your questions, suggestions, corrections, challenges and comments: