Today's Guest: George Gray, host, "What's With That House," announcer, "The Price is Right" with Drew Carey "The Price Is Right" announcer George Gray and host Drew Carey George Gray is having way too much fun on his HGTV show, “What’s With That House?” The show, now in its second season, is kind of a goof on the proliferation of shelter TV shows, where viewers are taken into fabulous homes and mansions and led around by announcers in hushed, respectful tones. There’s no respect in Gray’s tone -- and rightfully so. If you haven’t seen the show, I absolutely insist you pause this interview and set your DVR, Tivo, or VCR to record the show. It’s on HGTV every Wednesday at 11:30 PM Eastern or Pacific. You won’t be sorry. (You could also sample it by watching a clip...) Back now? Okay. If Gray seems familiar, it means you probably saw him in ESPN’s sports fantasy reality series “I’d Do Anything” or the syndicated version of “The Weakest Link.” George Gray Facebook • Twitter • Wikipedia • IMDB • "The Price is Right" on CBS BOB ANDELMAN/Mr. MEDIA: George, welcome to Mr. Media. GEORGE GRAY: I am so excited to be here. Actually, you were talking fitness. I’ve been doing Kegels the whole time I’ve been listening to you. ANDELMAN: Well, I hope whoever you’re with next appreciates that I gave you the opportunity to do that. GRAY: And you used the word proliferation. You gotta slowly ramp up to a word like proliferation, which is nice. ANDELMAN: Well, I thought this was kind of a nuclear moment. GRAY: Makes me sound way heavier than I really am. So glad to be here. ANDELMAN: Well, that is quite a head you’ve got on your shoulders, if you’re gonna make that reference. GRAY: It’s just the ego. ANDELMAN: What color is that hair? GRAY: Actually, it’s funny because my hair…you achieve that kind of blond by sticking your head in a bucket of Clorox about every five days. And so it’s very natural. But, actually, now that the show is on hiatus right now, my hair sort of looks like I got whacked with a carrot. I seem to go to extremes. ANDELMAN: What is the natural color of your hair?   GRAY: Oh, when I was doing “The Weakest Link,” that was pretty close, although the lights were so dark in the room, it looked darker than it was. Kind of a dark blond, I think. Dirty, dirty blond, something like that. I don’t even know. Who knows? I started growing the soul patch. I did a show called “Junkyard Wars” before “Weakest Link,” and I grew the soul patch that I have now worn for years as a joke. Not a lot of guys were wearing them at the time, not that I was the first to ever do it, but they really weren’t in vogue. And I really did it as a joke, and I thought it looked so silly and stupid that I just decided to wear it for a couple of weeks. Then I booked “Junkyard Wars” and just left it. And so that’s been on my face. So I sort of do things, I don’t know, just out of sheer stupidity. ANDELMAN: This is way off topic, but as a guy who’s worn a beard for way too long, how do you trim that soul patch thing so it always looks the same? Do you ever slip with the razor or the electric? GRAY: No, I’m a Braun man. I don’t really pay that much attention to it. My mother hates it. She wishes that I would slip with the razor by accident. A beard would drive me nuts. I couldn’t do that. I don’t know how you do it. You got a really long one, do ya? ANDELMAN: No, no. It’s not too long, but my wife refuses to let me cut it. She says I look about 10 years old without it, which, as I’m pushing my way up to 50, I guess maybe that might be a good thing. I don’t know. GRAY: Maybe she’s got a Santa Claus fetish. “C’mon, go gray baby, go gray.” ANDELMAN: I’ll try that little red hat on tonight. So what’s this, you got a TV show? I don’t remember what we’re here for. GRAY: TV, shmevee. Very nice words, by the way. Thank you for telling everybody that they should t