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Inside PR 412: The Industry that must change


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Inside PR

Joseph Thornley, Gini Dietrich and Martin Waxman

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Description: A weekly Canadian PR podcast hosted by Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich and Joseph Thornley

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Inside PR 412: The Industry that must change

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Though we recorded this the afternoon of game six, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup that evening!

Go Blackhawks!

The parade was yesterday and more than two million people descended on Soldier Field (which only seats 61,500) to celebrate with the team...

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IPR 413: IPRMustKnow and Taylor Swift

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This week we put on our pop music hats and talk about intellectual property and Taylor Swift.

But first #IPRMustKnow:

Google launches YouTube Newswire to verify breaking video news in real-time. Is the newswire about to be crowdsourced?...

Inside PR 411: Communications Across Borders

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What happens when we are trying to communicate with people who live in another place with a distinctively different culture? Do they do things differently there? How can we be sensitive to these differences?...

Inside PR 410: Martin, You Complete Me

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You want to make your point. So, which do you try to do? Appeal to your listeners emotions? Or hit them with cold, hard reason?

Martin Waxman and I have a wide ranging and maybe too personal discussion of that question on this week's Inside PR podcast. And in doing so, we may reveal a little too muc...

Inside PR 409: Living in a world of micro-moments and video to go

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We’d love to hear from you.

Send us an email or an audio comment to, join the FIR Google+ Community, join the Inside PR Google+ Community, join the Inside PR Facebook group, leave us a comment here, message us @inside_pr on Twitter, or connect with Gini Dietrich,...

Inside PR 408: Now we all are Irish

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On this week’s Inside PR, Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and I talk about three things:

Twitter's move of non-American account holders to Ireland;

LinkedIn as a content publishing platform; and

Buzzfeed’s bowing to advertisers’ demands to delete previously-published articles...

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