Latest Episodes

S03E18 – Betty White
August 10, 2019

We begin the episode by catching up a little, Keezie talks about his bday, Ends tells us how he almost got into a fight, and we move on to peep the new McNastee video for I Want More. We then discuss our soda pop preferences,

S03E17 – Ba Dang Da Dang Diggy Diggy
August 02, 2019

We begin this episode with a discussion about PC culture and toxic masculinity, and why we should all be allowed to joke about everything at all times. Ends tells us about the Jimmy Buffet concert, and we share our thoughts on various movies and TV sho...

S03E16 – A Record of a Record
July 21, 2019

This episode begins with Ends telling us about the Killers concert he went to, as well as the Jimmy Buffet concert he will soon attend. We chat a little bit about what we’ve seen and played, and then Kyle breaks down the Area 51 shit for Ends,

S03E15 – Slouch it Up
July 11, 2019

We begin this episode with Kyle giving us a quick breakdown of his Florida trip, and we revisit our fuckable Pokemon discussion. Ends then tells us about a playable movie/game called The Late Shift, and then gives us the lowdown on the Dying Light fran...

S03E14 – Snapchat’s a Snitch
June 23, 2019

This episode begins with our weekly recap. Kyle saw Ari Shaffir over the weekend, we talk briefly about trans people, and social media before moving onto games. Kyle rants and raves about Beat Saber, Ends does the same for Blops 4 (and says Blackout is...

S03E13 – Joe in Kansas is My Boy
June 18, 2019

This episode we begin with a quick eulogy for the great Bushwick Bill before giving our thoughts on Detective Pikachu and the Tom MacDonald/Mac Lethal beef. Ends then tells us about the new and improved Quake 2 mod, gives us the latest on PUBG,

S03E12 – A Tricky Tale
June 11, 2019

This episode Ends starts off by giving us the scoop on his show with Bobby Krea and Caskey, and we discuss the future of Keezie’s rap career. Ends gives us the latest on his sex life of course, and then gives us the scoop on Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

S03E11 – The Secret GOAT
June 04, 2019

This episode begins with an update about our sex lives, and then we check out the new Joyner and Logic joint ISIS. We then share our thoughts on the new Qveen Herby video Mozart, make fun of Lord Jamar for having some stupid conspiracy theories,

S03E10 – Winter Isn’t Coming
May 26, 2019

This episode begins with Ends telling us all about his time at the Sonic Temple festival last week, which gets us talking about other music festivals and our bucket list bands. Ends also talks a bit about Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy movie,

S03E09 – The Bonus Hole
May 16, 2019

This episode begins with our thoughts on Glass and The Hateful Eight, and then we create the Iconoclashathon. We catch up a little bit, and Ends tells us about an awesome date he went on with his homegirl Winter. We chat a bit about mothers day,