I chat as I drink my Latte Machiato, talking about advice on setting up a new iMac, a listener review (part 1) on SecuritySpy and Remote Patrol, and a round up of recent tech news and articles.


Bensoftware Blog (http://bensoftware.com/blog/)

SuperDuper! (http://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/SuperDuperDescription.html)

Mac Backup Software - Carbon Copy Cloner (http://www.bombich.com/)

Seven Uses for Your Outdated iPad | Gizmodo UK (http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2013/02/7-uses-for-your-outdated-ipad/)

Five Best System Rescue Discs (http://lifehacker.com/5984707/five-best-system-rescue-discs?post=57513076)

How to Create an Awesome Diagnostic Drive for Your Mac | Mactuts+ (http://mac.tutsplus.com/tutorials/hardware/how-to-create-an-awesome-diagnostic-drive-for-your-mac/)

4G Fails to Boost EE Subscriber Numbers | Gizmodo UK (http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2013/02/4g-fails-to-boost-ee-subscriber-numbers/)

evasi0n iOS 6.x Jailbreak - official website of the evad3rs (http://evasi0n.com/)

BBC News - HTC unveils revamped HTC One flagship Android smartphone (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21504008)

Sick Beard - Internet PVR for your TV Shows (http://www.sickbeard.com/)

BBC - Podcasts and Downloads - Outriders (http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/pods)