"I Confess I'm a Geek!"

Episode 189 – Turning over a new Leaf


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"I Confess I'm a Geek!"

I Confess I'm a Geek!

Maidenhead, UK

Description: All Things Geek and Gadget Related from a British Viewpoint

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Episode 189 – Turning over a new Leaf

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Four, yes four reviews tonight in this pre Xmas special!!



MONTAR Universal Car Mount For Smartphones

Amazon FireTV Set Top Box

Fire TV app for windows

Fire TV app for OSX

XBMC Wiki for FireTV...

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Episode 188 – Another day, another mac

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Welcome to another show - I talk about the Logitech K811 Bluetooth Keyboard, and the SJCAM Sj4000 wifi camera.

Check this page out - scans of OLD Argos Catalogues - a veritable time machine...

Episode 187 – I want my MTV

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EE announced a new set top box, I talk about mobile networks, and I discuss an impending birthday present.

EE set top box


Amazon link to the SJCAM SJ4000...

Episode 186 – Supersize Me!

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A sackful of emails and my thoughts on the new Apple iPhone 6 plus.




Episode 185 – There’s Just Nothing on TV

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A great question from a Brit living in Australia and a review of an M8 Android TV box.

London Mac User Group Meet Up on 9th September

Plex - Using Collections


 M8 Quad Core Android Smart Mini PC TV Box XBMC wifi+5G + FLY AIR MOUSE

Cheaper Dual Core Version...

Episode 184 – TV on the Go

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New Mac owner seeking advice - gets some.

iPad guide reviewed - plus a couple of mini rants and a portable TV review!

Deep Dive Guide to Word

Elgato EyeTV W Mobile TV Hotspot for iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Kindle Fire HD

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