The Box by Hello Sweetie Podcast

The Box by Hello Sweetie Podcast

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Episode 40: The Ding Ding
May 15, 2019

Charity! Kristal! Rebecca! Join us this week as we discuss Lizzo’s bangin’ new album, La Llorona, the Bob’s Burgers movie, Master Chef Jr, Avengers Endgame, and the origins of Six

Episode 39: Fear and Loathing at The Watchtower
April 24, 2019

This week we are joined once again by Watchtower co-owner Tui to discuss their upcoming move and what you can do to help support them. We also dig deep into

Episode 38: Dun Dun!
April 18, 2019

This week we are joined by Cori and Tui, owners of Watchtower Coffee and Comics! We talk about their impending move and fundraising campaign, as well as American Pop, Sabrina,

Episode 37: Two Captains, One Marvel
April 08, 2019

In this episode Charity, Kristal, and Rebecca give their spoiler-free take on Captain Marvel and Shazam, as well as Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G., Crimetown Season

Episode 36: Isn’t He Sweeney
April 01, 2019

This week join Charity, Rebecca, and Kristal to talk Superstore, Doom Patrol, Blast from the Past, American Gods, US, On My Block, and other such media things! Subscribe to this podcast

Episode 35: Kung Fu Trouble
March 25, 2019

Justine joins Rebecca and Charity once again to share more YouTube, and talk Kung Fu Hustle, Korean Dramas, Like a Version, and more!  Subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts,

Episode 34: Take it to the Bridge
March 18, 2019

Our badass behind-the-scenes web guru Justine join Rebecca and Charity to share Youtube mashups and talk about the Oscars, along with What’s Your Number, Thirst Aid Podcast, The Orville, Umbrella

Episode 33: Can Confirm
March 09, 2019

Editors Note: This episode is a little late, both of our editors have been sick! Enjoy! This week on Hello Sweetie’s The Box, Rebecca, Kristal, and Charity discuss their weekly

Episode 32: Art Gallerist
February 23, 2019

This week on The Box, Kristal, Charity, and Rebecca cover what they watched and heard this week, including the Sundance Film Festival, Big Mouth, Bob’s Burgers, Russian Doll, Down, Pen15,

Episode 31: Lady Benson
February 12, 2019

This week on The Box, Kristal, Rebecca, and Charity join forces once again to discuss their weekly watch lists. This week they talk The Dream, Jodorowsky’s Dune, The Maltese Falcon, Bob’s Burgers, Swindled, Household Name, Last Podcast on the