Today we return to Burma, now called Myanmar, to hear about the efforts of the Allies, especially the British, to take back this land during World War II. Also, the Ledo Road will be finished, and the Burma Road will be recovered.

The Ledo and Burma Roads.
A map of the Far East during the war, showing the two roads mentioned above.

British soldier, Ft. Dufferin.
A British soldier at Fort Dufferin, during the battle of Mandalay.

Burma December 1944.

This map shows where the units were located before the real fighting started, in December 1944. The Allied units are blue, while red marks the Japanese units. Source:
Battle of Mandalay & Meiktila.
And here is a map to follow the battle of Mandalay and Meiktila. Again the Allies are blue and the Japanese are red. Source:

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