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The Ruins Movie Review
May 08, 2019

The Ruins is the penultimate 2000’s horror movie - way more budget than it’s worth, and interesting enough premise, and tons of schlock. It also stars the most notable nobody of any film ever, Jena Malone, whom you have definitely seen in something but...

Evil Dead (2013) Review
May 01, 2019

In our Evil Dead (2013) Review we talk about how it is a great example of a horror remake done right. The bones of the original are still there, but Fede Alvarez creates something unique with this new film.

The Curse of La Llorona Review
April 24, 2019

This week we saw The Curse of La Llorona and wow, what a disappointment. This is the only ghost who is 100% kept out by shutting the door or window. This movie could have been so much more than it ended up being, which is just another low effort,

The Wind Review
April 17, 2019

The Wind is a Western Horror movie that is a spiritual successor to The Witch. The harsh landscape and interpersonal paranoia are in the forefront of this tense thriller. We review the film and attempt to unravel the non-linear narrative to make sense ...

Pet Sematary (2019) Review
April 10, 2019

With Pet Sematary 2019 I was bracing for a bad movie because I enjoy the original so much, although much of that is nostalgia. Even though I was guarded, Pet Sematary proved itself to be a stellar remake that I would venture to say was better than the ...

Pet Sematary (1989) Review
April 03, 2019

With the Pet Sematary remake right around the corner, we decided it best to give the original 1989 Pet Sematary the full Horror Movie Talk treatment. Pet Sematary is not really about a pet cemetery, but is really about what lies beyond…the pet cemetery...

Us Movie Review
March 27, 2019

We went and saw Us, and while it was an incredibly solid horror movie, it did not live up to the hype. Yes, it had good social commentary and implications. Yes, it is by one of the most respected (if only because of his single debut horror movie,

Terrified (Aterrados) Movie Review
March 20, 2019

A genuinely scary horror movie from Argentina, this was a fabulously unexpected horror!

Movie Review Grab Bag & 2018 Academy Awards Talk
March 13, 2019

Muuuuuuhhhhh the Frensh Champangg This week we chose to give a quick summary of every movie that we haven't reviewed, but have watched over the past few months. Within, you will find a quick summary of each movie,

Greta Review
March 06, 2019

Greta is an anagram for great, which this film is not. In this episode of Horror Movie Talk, we discuss this new thriller out in theaters starring Isabelle Huppert and Chloë Grace Moretz. Later on we do a round of Taglines and cover the most recent hor...