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Child’s Play (1988) Review
June 24, 2019

The original Child’s Play holds up well even by today's standards. I think people tend to forget what the original Child’s Play is, which is harsh and disturbing. It’s easy to see why it has become a cult classic that has spawned so many sequels,

The Dead Don’t Die Review
June 19, 2019

This movie is a lot of things. It's hard to label it with genres without going into a run on sentence. You could call it a meta socially conscious zombie dark comedy horror film. Read below or listen to our review.

The Perfection Review
June 12, 2019

For this week's episode of Horror Movie Talk, we watched The Perfection on Netflix, and it is what I would consider goodbad. It had some nice visual flares, and definitely some unexpected twists. However, it's major failing is not committing to the und...

Ma Movie Review
June 05, 2019

We went and saw Meh, er, I mean Ma, in theaters and it it was nothing new or exciting. If you take the stalker subgenre of horror or thrillers, add an academy award winner and a cast of pretty teens, you have Ma. It’s very by-the-books.

Brightburn Review
May 29, 2019

We went and saw Brightburn, and it was as advertised, but even more gory than I expected. It's not a perfect film, there isn't a lot of character development past the perfunctory set up, and there are some plot threads are fully dropped without explana...

Tetsuo, The Iron Man (鉄男) Review
May 22, 2019

We watched Tetsuo, The Iron Man (鉄男 TETSUO) on Shudder and jesus christ; I don’t have any words. Tetsuo is a David Lynchian / Cronenberg-esque film that aims to disturb with intensity and extreme imagery.

Kuso Review
May 15, 2019

Since there aren’t any new releases out this week, this week we are covering another listener suggestion. This one comes from Anthony F. in San Antonio, TX. “I have listened to almost every episode. I dig what you guys are doing.

The Ruins Movie Review
May 08, 2019

The Ruins is the penultimate 2000’s horror movie - way more budget than it’s worth, and interesting enough premise, and tons of schlock. It also stars the most notable nobody of any film ever, Jena Malone, whom you have definitely seen in something but...

Evil Dead (2013) Review
May 01, 2019

In our Evil Dead (2013) Review we talk about how it is a great example of a horror remake done right. The bones of the original are still there, but Fede Alvarez creates something unique with this new film.

The Curse of La Llorona Review
April 24, 2019

This week we saw The Curse of La Llorona and wow, what a disappointment. This is the only ghost who is 100% kept out by shutting the door or window. This movie could have been so much more than it ended up being, which is just another low effort,