How Bout That Cigar - The Podcast

How Bout That Cigar - The Podcast

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How Bout That Cigar - Episode 25 with Steve Saka
September 11, 2019

On episode 25, we welcome Mr. Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust.  Steve shares a lot of great information with us about tobacco and blending.  We also talk a little sports and as always we have the useless fact of the week, and Numero de los Muer.

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 24-Impromptu Discussion
September 04, 2019

W had to make a programming change right before this episode went live, so Garret and I improvised on the fly and talked about a variety of cigar related topics.  Thanks for listening!  Remember to visit #HBTCigar #HowBoutTha.

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 23 with Skip Martin
August 28, 2019

On Episode 23, we welcome Skip Martin, one of the founders of RoMa Craft Tobac. We will see what's in the works at their factory in Esteli, Nicaragua (Nica Sueño).  We also talk cigars and social media, and maybe dive into the subject of the PCA. No subj.

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 22 with Michael Gianinni
August 21, 2019

On episode 22 we welcome our special guest, Michael Giannini to the show. Michael has been in the premium tobacco business for nearly 40 years, and now serves as the General Manager and Creative Director for Ventura Cigar Company. Thanks for listening!  .

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 21 with Rob Gagner
August 14, 2019

On episode 21, we are pleased to welcome Rob Gagner from Boveda Inc. to talk about the Boveda products that are designed specifically to benefit the premium cigar community.  We will also find out a bit about Rob and his role with the company. As always .

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 20 with Robert and Sharon Holt
August 08, 2019

On Episode 20 of How Bout That Cigar, we spend some time with Robert and Sharon Holt from Southern Draw Cigars - Join us and see what is going on with Southern Draw Cigars in 2019 and beyond.  Thanks for listening!  Please rate us 5 stars and subscribe! .

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 19 with Jesse and Steve from Hand-Rolled
August 02, 2019

On Episode 19, we are joined by Jesse Mariut and Steve Gherebean. They are the filmmakers behind Hand Rolled: A Film About Cigars and they have put so much passion into this project. We are honored to have them on the show. The film is a history lesson, .

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 18-Common Cigar Problems
July 25, 2019

On Episode 18, we discuss some common problems we all experience as cigar smokers and things we can do to solve them. From a tight draw, to a lighter that won't light, to fixing a cracked or unraveling cigar, to getting more flavor enjoyment out of your .

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 17-CAO Session Launch Party
July 22, 2019

Live from FatAsh Cigar Lounge Ashland, KY we are honored to cover the National Release Party for the Session from CAO Cigars! We spend some time talking to Tom Fulks from Fat Ash, and we also talk with Rick Rodriguez, the Master Blender at CAO. We also h.

How Bout That Cigar - Episode 16 with Bear Duplisea
July 10, 2019

On Episode 16 (our longest and most in-depth episode yet), we welcome our first remote guest!  Bear Duplisea from El Oso Fumar Takes and Cigar-Coop Prime Time Special Edition joins us live from Euless, Texas! Bear gives us the rundown on the pros and con.