When I travel with my camera gear, I look for a backpack that can hold everything I need for the plane, then have easy access when it comes to shooting. In my production, I don’t use DSLRs – I have prosumer cameras. Therefore, I need a slightly different organization over what a camera person would.
The Kontrast Pro by Case Logic is a simple backpack that can hold all camera gear, a laptop and tablet easily. The nylon case with plastic base allows the case to never fold in on itself. Inside is a velcro compartment area that you can change to your needs. Perfect for a camera and around 9 different lenses.
Overall, the size is 12.2 inches wide by 9.4 inches deep by 18.5 inches high. It will easily pass as a carry-on and even fit easily in some of the smaller overhead baggage bins a regional jet might have.
The top of the bag is an easy access pocket where you can put a camera or other items into. The top zipper can also be accessed on the inside.
Set the bag on its side to open the front area – getting to all your lenses. Two zipper pockets on the inside and an accessories pocket on the out for business cards, pens, and other supplies allow for quick changes if needed.
The sides of the Kontrast have clips so you can attach a tripod, water bottle, or other items you might need for quick access. Finally, the laptop or tablet can be set in the zippered pocket in the back by the handles.
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Pros and Cons – Case Logic Kontrast
I used this bag on my trip to SXSW and a couple other trips after. Since I don’t use DSLR cameras, the velcro compartment area was more of a hinder than help. However, since the whole system is velcro, I was able to remove it and organize my way.
I put my camera – along with accessories like batteries – in another zipper case. That case then gets put into the Kontrast. I do use one of the velcro walls to keep the microphone and other hardware to one side of the bag.
I love that I can set the bag down and the hard plastic bottom keeps it not only upright, but also dry if the conditions are not. It also allows me to reach into the bag using the quick access top pocket and pull out items.
The bag is smaller than the ones I usually take with me, but that has not inhibited my use. I like the fact I can put my 15 inch Macbook pro in the back pocket and still have room for the iPad. When packed, the bag is comfortable on my back – thanks to the extra padding the bag offers.
The only downfall is the side pockets for a tripod. When I have the tripod in its zipper case, it doesn’t really fit the side like I would want. If I have the tripod out of the bag and loosely clipped to the side, the tripod flops around causing the bag to be lopsides.
This could be easily fixed with a second clip or a zipper system on the mesh pocket so I can allow the tripod to slide up and down when I am walking around looking for content.
At around $90, the Case Logic Kontrast bag is comfortable, convenient and has plenty of storage for cameras, lenses or other gear you might use on your photo or video shoot. The bag also comes with a 25 year warranty, so if a zipper breaks, if the plastic bottom cracks, you can get it replaced.