Connie Matthews | Vice President of Sales at The Rubicon Advisory Group

Connie Matthews believes that women can make a difference, be passionate, and have all the things that are important to them. The best description of Connie was spoken by Doug McCollough, CIO of the City of Dublin, Ohio. Doug told Connie: "We don't need more women to think like men. We need women to think like women. One of the things I love about you the most is, you are very much a woman, but you know when to push and when to pull. You're very influential in this town around cybersecurity, and you did it naturally by who you are in helping other people, and actually making changes happen versus just talking about them."


Women and information security

Connie Matthews started her career 16 years ago in information security, a very rewarding and challenging industry. Her passions include mentoring women and minorities, plus working with underserved programs to help people go into fields where they can make a livable wage.

Through these 16 years of career and outreach, Connie has seen a 25 to 30% increase in women and minorities in cybersecurity. Though it's not yet where it needs to be, women are currently making a positive movement towards careers in this field, and Connie is a strong promoter of this progress.