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What Americans fail to realize, there is a reason Obama is buying 7,000 + AUTOMATIC weapons for his private Army!!!

There is a reason why Obama’s question to military leaders is “will you shoot on american citizens and follow the orders of the United States!!!!”

There is a reason Obama is buying millions of dollars worth of hollow point ammunition, for NON military forces.

There is a reason why he got it passed in legislation for the deployment of 30,000 drones in US airspace!

There is a reason he passed the NDAA and fought to keep in the fact that he can retain indefinitely US citizens, without trial or lawyer!

There is a reason why he is fighting hard to strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights.

There is a reason why he continues to override all rights established within our Constitution.

Likewise, he doesn’t tell you he is making deals with the Chinese to give them land in the US, give them oil in the land of the US, give them clean coal from the US!! His goal is to devastate the US and sell it to the communists. It doesn’t matter to him because him under his foreign master is being aligned to sit on top of the UN/NWO New World Order!!

((written by a unknown author)))Gettin after Lefty Show host Gary Gatehouse response

We who pay attention know all these things, it's the 50 plus percent of the dumbed down ignorant Americans who don't and further more I believe they could care less.

America-do you realize less than one percent of our whole population is serving in the United States military-yet the other 99 percent think they have a a voice when it comes to issues like Women in Combat-our young men today would rather let a women fight for them than doing it themsleves. 

Let's face it we are a nation of cowards and don't give a damn people.

We who care, we who have fought for our country, we who honor and respect the constitution, we who know what the Marxist Obama is up too have to face the music WE ARE IN THE MINORITY!!  When the shi. hits the fan,it will be on us, because the rest of the country will hiding under their beds..


America, we kept our mouths shut, we did not complain, we paid our taxes and we through our taxes and a corrupt congress supported over 20 million illegals who broke into our country, proceeded to rob us through our congress and living off our income taxes paid to congress who funneled that money to welfare,education, government handouts to those 20 million plus illegals.

Now our corrupt government headed by Marco Rubio and the gang of 8 are gearing up to FORCE AMNESTY DOWN OUR THROATS.

Don't you think it's time we stand with those who are trying the best to combat his assault on the American people.. Support those blacks who are planning a march on D.C. to protest all the above, we need to stand with them shoulder to shoulder...

Gary Gatehouse and the Gettin after Lefty Show in conjunction with Radio Free America and the G.A.L. www network support the Black Leadership Alliance All fellow tea party members if you are concerned with where this is all leading you should drop your support of Rubio and support the BALA ...