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How long has this been blowing in the wind?

On my radio show (Gettin after Lefty) I have devoted countless hours of investigation reporting on Obama and his illegal occupation of the White House, I have received over the past 4 years hundreds of e-mails telling me to shut up, have been called a birther, a idiot,a conservative hill billy you name it.

My question is this, if it is proven (it already has) that the silver tongue devil is not eligible to be president,will those that voted for him, the Democrat party who supposedly vetted him and the propaganda arm of the Communist Democrat Party (Pravda West main stream media) call for immediate prosecution? For him to be thrown out of office?

Hell we all know the answer to those questions,the constitution the rule of law means nothing to left, they have proven that time after time.

The only way that illegal in the White House will leave is by we the people rising up and demanding it--BUT DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH!!