Genetics Unzipped

Genetics Unzipped

Latest Episodes

022 - Big Questions about the Big C
September 12, 2019

We dig into some of the mysteries surrounding the ultimate genetic disease: cancer.

021 In case you missed it...
August 29, 2019

A round-up of some of our favourite bits from the year so far.

020 Sex and Death
August 15, 2019

We tell tales of sex, death, extinction and the darkest side of genetics.

019 - The Genetic Time Machine
August 01, 2019

We head back into the past to discover the origins of ancient populations, and into the future to explore the realities of personal genome sequencing.

018 Cut. Paste. Pair. Repeat.
July 18, 2019

Exploring the dark heart of the genome, untying nature’s shoelaces and looking back at the discovery of RNA splicing.

017 Happy 100th Birthday To Us
July 04, 2019

We celebrate 100 years of The Genetics Society in suitably scientific style

016 Genetics By Numbers
June 20, 2019

We discover the stories of the double helix, triplet code and Punnett square

015 Up the Garden Path
June 06, 2019

Getting lost in the Valley of Hybridisation

014 The Seeds of a Great Idea
May 23, 2019

How William Bateson brought Mendel to Britain

013 The Zero Dollar Genome
May 09, 2019

Geneticist George Church reveals his plan to slash the cost of personal genome sequencing