Have you taken the tech away? My older college kids pissed me off really since I have been back. So I implemented some measures some would consider cruel and unusual punishment. Listen in, I’m guaranteed to give many of you a smile and for the younger listeners send a chill down their spine.
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Show Notes:

* SNES. (Shhhh)
* Got Email?
* AT&T Evil Empire.
* Your Finger Prints Please.
* TSA what you Reading?
* Secure those Gadgets.
* Patent Troll Loses.
* Intel Chip Bug.
* Ban back On.
* Apple AR #1.
* Google Medical.
* Breakthrough in Cancer Surgery?
* DHS Active Shooter Training.
* AT& Rural.
* AT&T 8 Rural States.
* Rebel T6 Deal.
* New Anti-Terrorism Group.
* Telegram under Russian Pressure.
* Apple and Hertz.
* Samsung Pay and Discover Card.
* Cool Google Tools for Students.
* Yahoo cuts off AT&T...