Why is there a need to form a Space Corps as part of the US Air Force? Are we about to be invaded by Aliens? One could wonder what they are thinking we have NASA already. It’s great to be back in Hawaii, but I am a dealing with bad Jet Lag
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* Space Corps?
* Comcast Sabotage?
* Amazon Drone Towers.
* Police Spy Plane.
* Expand Rural Broadband.
* Hotel Staycast.
* Cool Websites.
* Gas Pump CC Skimmers.
* Social media raids.
* Ron Howard.
* Trust in Gadgets.
* 10 Deals.
* Hulu July Lineup.
* Gotta Go?
* USB-C Receptacles.
* Flip Phones?
* Crickett Deals.
* Sling Cloud DVR and iOS.
* iPhone Subsidies.
* Blue Alert.
* ASUS S510.
* Apple Store Roof.