Did you know that your bank is spying on you when you surf the web? In a shocking report banks arr tracking your every move and deciding before you ever land on their sites if they are going to loan you money or not. Plus all the news of the day and a bit of a schedule change.
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* Bank Tracker.
* Netflix and Net Neutrality.
* 7-12-17 A day of Action.
* Netflix Passes Cable Subscribers.
* Amazon Dirty Tricks.
* Track Amazon Prices.
* Apple Health.
* Video Watching.
* Deals Deals Deals.
* Calling Batman.
* Dodge Caravan Recall.
* Facebook AI.
* Android Fax.
* Not a Winner.
* Store on Wheels.
* DirecTV Signup Deals.
* Lyft Electric.
* Update your Router.
* Twitter Tweaks.
* Microsoft Surface Pro Review.
* Slack in Play?
* Yahoo Mess.