We all have to admin someone hacking the Power Grid would be a bad thing, after all you would not be able to get this show, keep your fridge cold or charge those devices amongst other things. So I look at a serious power grid have and cover all the news of the day.
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* Power Grid.
* Uber.
* AI and Aids.
* Chemtrails.
* Bluetooth and Burglary.
* EV Cars.
* Amazon Echo.
* Hubble Capture.
* Alexa and Tivo.
* Apple iOS Cancelations.
* China hackers.
* Your Mouse.
* Scanning Tech.
* RIP Adam West.
* Broadband Speeds.
* IBM Blunder.
* iPhone 8.
* Seagate Drive HD.
* Kids and Smartphones.
* Essential & Sprint.
* Lyft and Jaguar.
* Moto E4.
* New Batteries.
* Guts on Crime.
* Tweets official Records.