Big news day coming out of the Apple WWDC conference. I cover all the highlights and give you my expert analysis. Quick on the road show so strap in it comes fast and furious. Get your Todd Cochrane Signature Edition Podcaster Pro below.
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Show Notes:

* Tech Fights Back.
* Windows 10 Leak.
* AI to Predict your Death.
* WWDC Keynote in 17 Minutes.
* Apple High Sierra.
* Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro Update.
* Apple Tv & Amazon Prime Video.
* Apple Pay Update.
* HomePod.
* iMac Pro $4995.
* New iPad Pro.
* Apple AI.
* Apple Music.
* App Store Update.
* Space Law.
* India Space Launch.
* Nasa Earth Pic from Mars.
* Supreme Court and Location Data.
* Cable TV Failing.
* Apple and Amazon buying Toshiba?
* Waze Accident Data.
* IBM 5nm Chips.
* Nasa and Au...