The US Gov’t will now start doing a Social Examination of some folks requesting a Visa to visit the US. They will ask for all Social media handles you have had for the past five years, cleaning up your social account may not be enough as they may be employing their own go back machine. Details on that and my families trip to Japan and some observations of not having been in central Tokyo for 30 years. FYI the Audio of tonight’s show is a bit off thanks to my Daughter cat who decided to walk on the mixer.
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Show Notes:

* Siri Speaker.
* Electric Bus.
* YouTube Ads.
* Social Media Examination.
* Jail or Password.
* Quick Charge 4+.
* Social Examination.
* FCC Monkey Business.
* Lego.
* Uber.
* Mil Data.
* *Malware.
* Jeep.
* Walmart VR.
* Smart Glass.
* AT&T Deal.
* Plex TV Streaming.
* World’s Largest Airplane.
* EU Hate Speech.
* 100 Billion.
* Moto Z2.