Took two tries to get the show out tonight. Tricaster rebooted on me five minutes into the show. So no video tonight. But I dig deep into what is being termed Facebook Tentacles. Plus the story behind the missed show on Monday. Off to Japan no show on Monday be back with you next Thursday.
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Show Notes:

* Facebook.
* DOJ.
* Trump Apps?
* T-Mobile Digits.
* Did Disney Pay Ransom?
* Star Wars 40th.
* OnePlus 5.
* Netflix June.
* Android TV Update.
* Travel Security.
* Prime June.
* Art?
* FCC Robocall Madness.
* Silicon Valley 5th Season.
* Memorial Day Deals.
* Tool Kit.
* Zuckerberg. ;)
* Rationality.
* Google Photo.
* Acer New Laptops.
* Amazon Fresh Want!
* Lyft Luxury.
* Venezuela Censorship.