A wearable glucose meter is a big rumor coming out of Apple today if this is indeed the case the race to the top on this may be won by Apple and this could be an incredible achievement. Other companies are in the hunt for the elusive FDA approval on a wearable device. A whole stack of cool news tonight as well strap in.
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Show Notes:

* AI all the way.
* YouTube Live.
* Android Battle.
* FCC and Net Kill.
* Journalist Roughed up.
* wCry Cousin.
* Wearable Glucose Meter.
* Google Photos.
* Forbidden City.
* Exocube.
* Hulu Update.
* Apple Pizza Box?
* Disconnect.
* Geek Squad and FBI.
* Xfinity Mobile.
* Twitter Privacy.
* Grad Gifts?
* Google Appliance Control.
* Daily Deal.
* Windows 95 wCry.
* Skymiles via Lyft.
* Lenovo New Laptops.
* OneNote and Visi...