Wow, 1200 episodes that would make anyone tired to think about it. Enjoy today’s show folks not a lot of memory lane but I am often reminded how humbling it is to have you all part of my audience and the journey we have taken together.
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Show Notes:

* Gizmodo CFAA Violation?
* WannaCry.
* WannaCry Demo.
* Microsoft Cry Wolf.
* Delta Airlines.
* Nevada Privacy.
* 17 Years of Crashes.
* Socks???
* Toyota Flying Car.
* The Gifted.
* Google I/O.
* Word Resume Tips.
* Long Live MP3’s.
* Elderly Exoskeleton.
* Apple Watch.
* FCC.
* Maven.
* Game of Thrones.
* Lowes.
* Redbox.
* Netflix.
* Audi / Volvo.