What’s up this Weekend? I am about to help with that in some new tools rolling out. I get you caught up on everything happening here. The next show is the big 1200 be sure to get your contest entries in.
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Show Notes:

* Nasa & Mars.
* Google Local.
* Timelines.
* Stolen Phone.
* Cable Lobby.
* Deep Blue.
* Verizon outbids AT&T.
* Amazon and Apple TV.
* iPhone how To.
* Deaf Men honored.
* Free Apple Software.
* Trump and Tivo.
* United Please.
* Cisco AI Acquisition.
* ABC Fake BMW Story?
* Kimdotcom Wild Story.
* Cell Cold Calls.
* ASUS Router Updates.
* Remix.
* 2020 Census in Trouble?
* 300k Fines for Stupidity.
* Largest Laser Ever.