Spent some time on the phone with a cable based national news network over my last show which is getting some attention. Not everyone is happy with that, I give an update tonight along with some advice to some high school social media warriors that are learning the power of social media, and being able to share their message with respect while understanding that they can be heard as loud and equally as anyone else.
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Show Notes:

* Exploding iPhone 7.
* Russian Hacking.
* Space Plane is Back.
* Supreme Court Cases.
* New Supersonic Passenger Jet.
* Nicki Minaj.
* ;) Mothers Day Gifts.
* iMessage Games.
* Banana Phone.
* Google Docs Hack at $90k?
* Huawei Watch Update.
* Windows 10 Family Options.
* Microsoft Monday.
* Tesla needs Video.
* Stupidest Waze feature yet.
* Amazon free shipping @ $25.
* Lowe’s Smarthome Alert Service.
* GrubHub and Trip Advisor.
* Apple DC Store.
* Parrot Pro Drone.
* Fuchsia.