Truck Drivers listening to this show will be compelled to tell me I am wrong. But mark my words in 10 years, the trucking business is going to be transformed. If my livelihood depended on trucking I would be looking to be in the business of providing the last 20 mile services that are going to be needed when the drivers are no longer hot butts in the seats. All the news you can handle and a deep discussion on IOT. Check out my personal action figure scanned from the folks at Solidiphy. Even though they shrunk my head to look like I have been to afflicted by a Voodoo doctor.
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Show Notes:

* Truckin is about to change.
* IOT.
* Uber Versus Google.
* Ultimate Drone Kill.
* USB Kill Stick.
* Google Home Playing Ads.
* Microsoft hiding something.
* Japanese Launch Sat – Weird Countdown / Up.
* Uber not so Safe?
* Gmail Video.
* Airbnb removed 923 SF Listings.
* 5th Gen Apple TV.
* How to dispose of an SSD.
* RIAA Hypocrisy.
* To much Redaction.
* Nuclear Test Films.
* Underwater Tech.
* Lens Vs Lens.
* Personal Domain?