I discuss in greater detail tonight about the caution of trusting Google Home, and what appears to be some cleanup occurring by Google to reduce the number of false news sites. Plus a whole stack of news. Was hoping to do a play by play of a SpaceX launch but they had to scrub due to high winds tonight. Plus all the tech news you can handle.
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Show Notes:

* Gummi Bear Crawling in your Gut.
* Google is not always right.
* Facebook and Surveillance.
* 9yr old on Net Neutrality.
* Cord Cutter Sites.
* No Uber or Lyft at SXSW.
* Game of Thrones 8th Season.
* Heart Rate Sensor built into clothes.
* Volvo EV.
* Playstation Now Update.
* Airbnb IPO.
* Intel buys Mobileye.
* Warrant at the Border.
* Know the Law.
* 23 Million Golden Parachute.
* Airforce needs more Drone Pilots.
* New Google Cloud Support Pricing.
* Four New iPads in the wild.
* New Apple iMessage Ad Sucks.
* LA Gunshot Detector.