Are alien light flashes powering alien starships? That is the hypothesis of some scientist who are trying to figure out what these brilliant lite flashes are. Plus all the tech news you can handle today from a 100% wiped out host.
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Show Notes:

* Google Jamboard.
* Alien Light Flashes.
* SpaceX Reusable Rocket.
* Cadilac CTS.
* Google Drive Update.
* High Flip Rate Cars.
* NASA Budget.
* Sling Cloud DVR.
* Plex Cloud.
* New retinal implants.
* Google New HQ.
* Verizon App Data Free Streaming.
* Resitbot.
* Privacy?
* Lyft Expansion.
* Hubble massive galaxy.
* Meteor Shower Simulation!
* Sentinel 2B Launch.
* ISP Blocks TeamViewer.
* Pixel Microphone Issue.
* Fukushima Wild Boars.
* Airbnb 1 Billion More in Cash.
* Bad Gamer Drugs.