It appears that there is a lot of Russian Extortion happening to liberal leaning organizations. This should be a lesson for all of us to remember that your email could be hacked at any moment and your entire email archive be on display for the whole world. Be careful folks. Lots of other tech news today and shame on the DOJ.
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Show Notes:

* Russian Extortion.
* Eggs in one Basket.
* Spammer Idiots.
* Shame on the DOJ.
* Tech Appointments.
* GOES-16 Lightning Video.
* BE-4 Rocket.
* Google Home – Fake News.
* Canada looking at Electronics as well.
* Sport AI.
* More Earth Facing Cameras.
* Grav Wave Boom 1.
* Grav Wave Boom 2.
* Sprint Wins 140 Million.
* SolarWinds is Screwed.
* Facebook Live.
* BlockChain.
* Desktop PC coolness.
* LOL Lawsuit.
* Bugatti.
* Growing Wind Generation.